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85 Toyota stepping up to 1 tons

I figured this would be a good place to start and document my 1 ton axle upgrade on my 85 Xtra cab. I'm still in the learning and researching phase of the build. Any and all input is appreciated since I am only slightly familiar with domestic axles.

Right now my truck is wheelable and functional. Typical as in many mini truck builds the current specs are :

22re, R151, Duals, 5.29's, detroits, 37s, Longs, cage, PSC hydro assist, tube bed, fuel cell...

My plans are to build my future axles completely and have most of the parts on hand before I take the current axles out and try to recoup a little money.

I have a SRW full float 14 Bolt with 410's and am working on picking up a Chevy D60 (with 3.73's or 4.10's) need to confirm.

Plans are to keep it on leafs, 5.38's, rear Detroit, rear disc brakes, shave the 14B, a front selectable locker and go with a 39 in or bigger tire. I would like to link it if funds allow.

Here are some pics now in its current state.



85 XtraCab, 22RE, A340/Atlas 2, D60/14B, 40s, Full Hydro, Lonestar Light a plenty

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