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85 Toyota stepping up to 1 tons

Cool. Thanks for the link on the arms.

I picked up my front axle over the weekend. Got it unloaded and started tearing it apart this evening. Turns out the axle has drive flanges. I removed the tie rod and pulled the axles. Looked ok. Had a couple of areas that looked like they were starting to wear a little. I also pulled the cover to verify what gearing I have which is 3.54. Now I know what gears and locker I need to pick up. Looks like the BOM# is no more. I'm pretty sure it's a chevy axle though. This is one heavy SOB. I'm picking up another set of jack stands and an engine hoist this week so I don't have to work on the ground. Then I will start burning off the all the unneeded bracketry and clean the axle up some more.



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