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A Soldiers Funeral - This Saturday in Beaumont

Copied from the TX4WD mailing list. this is happening in Beaumont, Saturday
folks who can should go and let them fawkers know your feelings.

The Patriot Riders will be there as well. in case you are unfamiliar with the Patriot riders, they are the ones with the flags who block the protesters from the view of the family. Here is a link to the thread on thier forum.


Originally Posted by Dan

I just caught a segment on the news about some pansy assed group coming down from Kansas to protest a Soldiers funeral. This happen about a month ago and it pissed me off so royally I think it is time to do something about it. I don;t care if you do not agree with the cause but God be damned you better support our troops. These are America's children and they deserve better. Their families deserve more for the sacrifice they have given. I know and understand that these soldiers have fought and died for their freedom of speech but doing this at a funeral takes it too far. I am planning on being there to counter their protest and say we all get out there with sheets and tarps and block them from view. If they have the right to protest we have the right to that. Sorry to vent but it just got me so damn mad. I am going with my flag and joining in the counter protest. I want these people from Kansas to know that they are not welcome here.
Dan is a member here as well, as is several folks from East Texas.
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