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Extreme Duty Diff Covers

Understand we are not selling gimics, but we will sell you a quality product.

#1 - The truth is we have been building these for over 6 years w/ not one single warranty issue. Realize 1/4" mtl is more than enough that's why its called engineering. The bolt ring is 1/2 inch where it is needed. We do not start w/ 3/8" plate and then mill it thinner. Since I sponsor everyone from XXRA competitors to all the other big name circuits I think if there was an issue we would have found it in the several thousand covers we have produced.

#2 - Understand, I am the laser source and buy the mtl by the truckload (45,000lbs) at a time. I can buy A50 plate for the same price as the A36, yield strength means nothing in this application. Look at the design, again it goes back to engineering.

#3 - If you don't know how much fluid to put in a diff pay someone to do it for you. We take care of the guys utilizing rotated housings also. We put drains where they work most effectively and can take any abuse. Understand it is protected by your housing and surrounded by half inch mtl. Again not a single issue.

#4 - Sealing is not an issue and never has been, yes we fixture our parts when welding just because someone else does not know how to build a fixture does not mean we do not. Again, I have made my living building steel components for everybody from GM to Honda so if I can pass there requirements I can pass yours.

#5 - You get what you pay for, this includes machining and also welding. You will not find a finer product out there than our cover. This is the reason we do not offer kits, if you have seen our covers we welded them and the quality is top notch like you would expect for paying a bill for. If there are any questions buy both my cover and someone elses. Sit them side by side and decide for yourself.

#6 - We ship world wide and in the US for no additional money.

#7 - We have the best pricing available, if you would like to become a vendor or do a group buy let me know we can take care of you w/ exceptional pricing. Remember you are buying direct from the source not a middle man. I buy steel by the truck load (45,000lbs at a time) not by the pallet.

#8 - We currently offer nine different covers w/ more options than anyone else. I can honestly say this cover is our design and I built it the way I an avid wheeler wanted it to be, light and strong. No reverse engineering here. More models due out shortly. I will not promise when and not deliver again and again.

#9 - No BS no fine print warranty. You mangae to break it we replace it. Period. However I wish all of you good luck trying.

All Standard housing covers start at $110 shipped TYD lower 48. Not some and then say "well its bigger it costs more but hey we have a discount we give to everyone" so it really is not that much more.

Our covers have won magazine reviews (JP Magazine), been seen on TV shows such as Xtreme 4x4 and run by some of the best builders and racers in this country and around the world. We are proud to say we built each and every one of them in house from start to finish no one else can say this. I will not blame someone else for any defects in my product. Our products get you the best bang for your buck and will not leave you stranded in some remote area 10 hrs from home. Only after spending $500 worth of tow rig fuel to get you there and be broke down. Realize I know this feeling and it stinks, I will not do this too you. If you want the best there is to offer for your rig we have it. Thanks Shawn
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