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Originally Posted by fulltopblazer View Post
well I really don't know what happened, I was trying a new line coming out of that was and had my front up over the ledge and then stopped moving forward, front was still pulling good looked back and the rear wasn't pulling at all. looked through the hole on the floor and noticed the rear yoke on the transfer had one ear broke off of it. the weird thing is the u-joint still looks good. then I figured it would be easier to go ahead and winch me out the top then go back down in the wash since raymond was broke I didn't think anyone else could get mine out from the bottom. So blake was winching me and I was assiting in front wheel drive, their was a pretty good size legde to still get my rear tires over, as we were doing that I had a big pop in the left front. after getting home and my son tore it down yesterday I got the left front stub. I think we was pretty concerned about it since I had stole the inner and outer out of his 60 since I have broke all mine and all my spares. So now I get to buy me and him some new axles. I need an inner and he needs an outer. I will probably buy inner and outer cromoly for mine and he can use my ole spicer 35 spline stuff.
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