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Originally Posted by RVREDDOG View Post
That right there would make it pay for itself,the notches always kick my arse!
Let me show you how kick arse these things are.....

Of course we have the shape of the fish-mouth as you see in the following pic. Also notice the 2 "calibration lines" on the wrapper in the lower left corner of the pic.

One is "red"; it is the distance that "red" line needs to be from the end of the tube.

The other line is "blue"; this line needs to be lined up with the out-most or outside radius of the bend. As an example; if your tube diameter is 1 3/4, set your bend flat on a table and then get something that is 7/8 of an inch tall and scratch down the outside of the tube. The scratch needs to line up with the "blue" line.


Now lets show you how the wrappers can line up with themselves. Please find the orange cross member in the following pic.

We are going to cut both ends. Again you will find a "red" line and a "blue" line on each wrapper.

Now the "red" line of the wrapper tells you the distance to the "red" line on the 2nd wrapper. In our case it shows 7 1/8 inches between the 2 red lines.

And the "blue" line on each wrapper need to line up with each other down the tube.

Here is the wrapper for the 2nd end of the same cross member:
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