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1983 jeep cj5 w/chevy v8...

1983 CJ5. This is the last year they made the cj5 and they're pretty hard to find. Daisy is in exceptional shape for being 26 years old. Texas born and raised, she's got very minimal surface rust. her tub is in great shape as is the frame.

107601 MILES! for real, she's only averaged 4100 miles per year. that's why she's in such good shape. I've only had the chance to wheel her 4 or 5 times and haven't broken anything. before me, she was not wheeled at all.

she's all stock as far as suspension and body. I replaced the stock shackles with a 1" shackle lift, but that's it. she drives nice, but could maybe use some new shocks. I'm only assuming that would help her ride smoother. I took out the stock radio and speakers and put in a JVC cd player and Pioneer speakers. it's not loud, but it works. I also installed a CB radio on the front of the console. it's in a perfect spot for wheeling and works great.

the paint is in good condition, but there are some small scratches and nicks. nothing major and like I said, the surface rust is just that. the decals are a little faded, but still look good. some wax would really make her shine. the vinyl on the seats, console and back are all original and in great shape. there's a small tear on the driver's seat, but that's it. they spray off Gilmer mud nicely! no back seat, but there is a custom made wooden tool box with a seat top. it bolts to the floor and is kinda nice for carrying tools and what-not. however, I also have a large green ammo box that fits perfectly in the back that is waterproof and would hold a lot more stuff.

ok, the run down:

1983 AMC CJ5
107601 original miles.
stock NT Dana 30 front axle, 3.55 gears, open
stock NT AMC20 rear axle, 3.55 gears, Lockright (I've not had a chance to wheel with the locker, so it's basically new)
stock suspension with 1" shackle lift

Chevy 305 v8, recently swapped in. it's un modded and has ~40k miles on it.
quadrajet carb, headers, exhaust done 2 weeks ago, burns a little oil, but not much. runs cool! BRAND NEW: flex fan, hoses, air cleaner, clutch, clutch master AND slave cylinder AND clutch hose. also, I had to get another bell housing as mine had broke, so that was replaced. I also bought a CJ v8 radiator (3 core) and had Al's Radiator in hurst get it all fixed up. cools nicely. BRAND NEW OPTIMA YELLOW TOP.

she drives nice and it really is great having the v8 power. is it fast? I took my wife off the line the other day (she was in our new jetta gli. biggrin. it will be great for any wheeling too.

the driveshafts were redone to fit the new dimensions and everything works.

t-176 tranny, stock. it came with the jeep originally. will handle the v8 just fine.
Dana 300 t-case, stock. came in the jeep.
31" TSL swampers w/a 31 Truxxus MT for a spare (it just needs to be mounted)
Bestop soft top and doors (black) that aren't very old...~4 years. it also has a bikini top that is tan. they're all in good condition.
stock light bar with new switches. they're bright and work great.
homemade steel rock sliders and custom front and rear bumpers...very stout stuff.

I also will include a brand new Hi-Lift jack, the afore-mentioned tool box, and all the receipts I have. I think that's pretty much it. I love wheeling this thing and it turns a lot of heads on the road. the new v8 is great and should prove to be much more fun and reliable than the old 4 cyl. I hate to lose her, but crap happens. please only serious offers. the only thing I would consider trading for is a daily-driver ~$1500-2000 + cash.

asking $5000.


if you need more pics, I can send you some. call for questions or interest. 940-765-4128


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