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I just want to throw my two cents in here. I have had Bend Tech Pro for around a year. I am just now getting a chance to really put it to use. This is what i will be working on in the coming months.

Its nice being able to change around the look of your buggy or cage and see it in 3D and make the changes you need before you ever bend a tube. I have to say the software is spot on and the wrappers are a life saver. If you have ever considered getting bend tech now is the time. If you go over to offroadfabnet.com and check out the bend tech section of the forum he is offering a killer deal of the software. He is basically giving you a copy of Bend Tech HD (header design) free when you purchase Pro or SE along with some other free stuff. It was worth every penny when i bought Pro a year ago, now you can get the header design program free. Just thought i would pass along the info and maybe some of you all could get in on the deal.

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