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Id say it 50/50. And more going to de-rams. But mounting them is get most of them. I started with a single end ram. But i would have done a de-ram setup if i could have found the rams for cheap like they are now.

Hell im redoing all of mine so i can run highsteer arms and probly looking at one of OTC/PSC third member mounts to move my ram off the front of the axle tubs and get it up high..
For the money to time. I can buy it bolt it on and save time and fab work. And wheel more. Compared to saving a few bucks.

I second the brackets. Im guessing start with 3/4 holes but have room to go to 1" holes. But the bottom hole on the axle center line and the top one below the top of the diff. it shoud be enough sepration in the links.
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