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I already have a set of arms. $80 bucks to my door pirate find.
And if someone could build them for cheaper they would sell. I can have them cut out for half there price. They are 1" thick and thats way thick enough.
I think mine are OTC's, thing is mine are only half the arm. So i have to fab the back half of the arm to tie it into a stock arm. You have to brace rockwell highsteer arms into sometime. The kingpin patteren is way to small to hold all the pressure big tires and full hydro put on them. There smaller then d60 patteren.
Thats why most guys dont run them. They can be a weak link on steering if there not braced or tied into another part of the knuckle. Like stock tierod hole or the spindle bolts. Or weld to the knuckles.

OTC/Old Town Customs have some neet bracing brackets for there arms.

As far as the the taper no need just a 3/4 hole Mine have two holes on each arm. Most guys run heims not tie rod ends.
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