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Bad Sellers forum Rules

In the past, once issues were resolved, posts were deleted. That is not happening anymore. No more post deletions in this forum. a thread can be locked, but not deleted. too many repeats..

If it happened on another forum.. keep it there.

this is not a flamefest Forum, It is a forum to post about a deal gone south that cannot be resolved amicably.

If you post in here about a deal YOU had.. " On here" bring the Evidence to back up your claims.. being pissed at somebody cause your feelings are hurt does not cut it.
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If you need a ladder to work on your rig you might want to re-think your suspension.
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thats the look a 14yo boy has the 1st time he sees his 1st set of boobies . its the simple pleasures in life
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Wood yoo lik two bi a voul? I have won four cell.
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