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I argree, there were drivers there that only were there to drive with their buds and not on the trails they signed up for or to take passengers out. There were rigs without open seats at all. I also ran into drivers on the trails with open seats and on trails they didn't belong on (a stock FJ on a red trail?) holding up folks from moving.

I think that drivers need to do one traill and then back for more riders. I'm guilty of doing two trails and because of the backups on the trails it took me about 2 hours to run what would normally take me about 45 min.

I like the idea of the shade for the waiting riders. I'm not sure we could load them straight out of the pavillion though. Too many people, activities and kids.

Please remember that this thread is for constructive criticisim, no slams please. Everyone involved has volunteered their time and money to put this thing on and have asked nothing in return. All we really want to do is make this better in the future for the soldiers and their families.
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