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Stouttrout is just really happyStouttrout is just really happyStouttrout is just really happyStouttrout is just really happyStouttrout is just really happy
We took out 3 Soldiers with us as well as the Dealer, Spirit of Liberty lady. We kept the soldiers with us the entire time. They did most of the driving. This was not my intended plan. I had hoped to get a good look at how the Staging area was set up and run. I did talk with others that I know where there last year and what I heard is that it went smoother than last year.

My wife talked to several of the ladies left behind and couple of them were pissed at their husbands for leaving them. She found that odd, so maybe there was a communication problem and the Event is not being completely understood in that area. With our group it is always understood. I think next year we might want to try to promote the volunteer area for "Extras" and try to create a place for them so they are not left out.

One major complaint I kept hearing was not enough Port o Pots at either location. We need more at the Pavilion for sure, those were next to overflowing.

One thing I am going to start working on is a Garbage sponsor. They are easy to pick up and will usually bring out "Clean" Stations for hand washing. If someone can find out what trash service the park uses I can start there. I have worked with LESI quite bit in the past and have had great success with them.
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