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Originally Posted by bigevil View Post
john has been told about this . i called him the day this was posted . not my problem

but this is my problem . webb he told me you was talking **** about me and the deal you and i had . look little fella . dont bash ppl behind there backs . man up and lets talk face to face or stfu . i still have the emails and post to back up everything . keep my name out of your mouth . this isnt a threat . just letting you know

love robert
im not talking **** behind your back...i told you how i felt in the PM's! for someone who has said they been doing this for as long as you say you have, when you tell me something "might be broke" but not sure, then you say i have a hard time turning and it doesnt spin when in 4wd but you have a spool up front, chances are you have broke iner axle...everyone should know that!! did you also know you had 2 different brake calipers on the front? and the brake lines you sold me for 50 extra are **** except for the rear one, the others were toast just like the rest of the shitty parts!! thats the problems with these forums, theres people like you who do nothing all day but read this stuff and when someone posts something you have a smart *** remark to make...nobody gives a **** what you have to say about there ****!! people are just trying to get rid of there left over parts, end of story!! so how bout you shut the **** up you stupid mother ******!!

love josh
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