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listen to the words your saying and maybe you should grow up...you knew what was broke when you sold them to me but told me you werent sure...you say everything brake related was replaced in oct...u mean u pad slapped them and thats it...you had 2 calipers on there...the rear axle bearings were seized...you knew you were selling stuff that you didnt wana spend money to fix...yes u told me if you didnt get the tons you would have fixed them but you figured y not sellem so someone else can fix them and then put that money towards the swap...you didnt refund me the money bc thats how you apparently are...you get yours and f uck everyone else...atleast thats how i felt but ive only dealt with you once...im talking about this bc its funny and you keep on about it to...so therefore everytime you say something i reply and thats how were still talking about this
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