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I really hate to do this but a promise has not been upheld. I bought a transmission from FF151DJG, on 9/11/12. After i bought it at night i saw it had a cracked case where one of the studs was. I realize this is my fault and should have noticed before purchase. However after talking to the seller we agreed that we both didnt know of the crack and he agreed to send me 50 bucks back in an attempt for me to purchase a new case. He said he would send it in the mail and I have not recieved it yet. I realize we live in a busy world and I am NOT like PISSED off, I just want what we had both agreed upon and this has not happened yet. The guy was great in working with me and even meeting with me to make the sale. We just were both in an hurry that night and I got the bad end of the deal as far as Im concerned but it is something I can learn from. I would just like to get the money in the mail and take my losses and have no hard feelings.

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