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Monster transmission***horrible!!!***

Don't waste your money on them! they sent me a turbo 400 with a full manual valve body and their super bad *** torque convertor and it was slipping right off the bat or the torque convertor was faulty. Their technical department doesn't seem to know anything about transmissions and the builder i spoke to on the phone keep telling me that its a race transmission not meant for rock crawling even though they advertise its as built for extreme 4x4. Long story short they said they'd fix it if i paid the round trip shipping of $385 after i just spent $1575.85. Then they finally agreed to pay the shipping after i raised hell and they promised to build me another transmission and have it ready to ship as soon as they got the first tranny back so i wouldn't have to wait another 6 weeks. Once they got their transmission back they then sent me an email saying they decided not to do as promised and send a new transmission but instead were going to refund my money but only if I would sign an agreement saying that i can't sue them or post/blog anything negative about Monster transmission. I couldn't believe it! i had to go to my bank and dispute the charges to get my money back without signing some BS agreement. I know a lot of people have had no issues with their transmissions but just a warning if you do have a problem you will get the run around! What a crappy way to do business!
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