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Please know that George is a great guy and his dad, who i also met, is funnier than heck. I just wanna try and resolve a deal that wasnt completed. I recently moved from California to Texas to get married and start school all in january, i love rock crawling and had to sell my crawler litterally days before i moved here just a month ago. Now im starting to gather parts to Axle swap my Tacoma. Being a poor 22 year old who just started work and is saving for school and the wedding and broke after the move half way accross the country, i contact george (gq91sammy) to see if he'd be interested in tradding an old dana 44 he had for some stuff i had laying around. So in the end he agreed on trading his dana 44 (with blown stock gears) but also 4.89 gears, carrier, and lock rite (none of which was installed) for a full set of 90% tread 33x12.5r15 MT's on nice deep offset wheels, a set of the large shop size Oxy/Acet bottles, a napa floor jack, and a nice dewalt angle grinder. The bottle were at the place i moved into and i didnt know much about them (george didnt mind). The dewalt ran like new (its a dewalt). The napa floor jack i didnt have very long and aparently he was angry cause it didnt hold cars up very long, well i didnt know that because i only used it to jack them up long enough to slide jack stands under and then i take it out. And the tires tread wise were nearly brand new,but they were old and always stored on my crawler at around 15psi and one had a bubble (george was fully aware of this) i also informed him that they would be great offroad but i would not run them on the street.

I was perfectly fine with this agreement, loaded all the stuff up into my taco and drove 1.5hrs from blanco to his shop in south san antonio. When i get there we unload my stuff and check everything out, he's a really nice guy and so is his dad and they were both a big help. We unload the tires from my truck and put them into his truck and he says to me something along the lines of "the tire looks worse than i thought, so im gonna keep the lock rite locker", he just backed out of one of the biggest parts of his trade for something he already knew about but you know what, i didnt wanna argue and i honestly wasnt planning on running a front locker anyways so i tell him ok. he and his dad remove the 4.89 ring gear from the carrier with lock rite and good bearings and give me just the ring gear. He says he's just gonna leave the lock rite in that carrier and send me another carrier. i didnt want to leave without a carrier but he said the other ones he has are far and not at the shop, i give him my address and im on my way.

this all took place over two weeks ago and he has not responded to any of my texts, all i got was an angry PM about the jack not working and one of the other tires having a small bulge (which i never saw). Sorry for the long story guys, i hope George (he is a nice guy and busy im sure) isnt offened by this as i have tried to reach out to him multiple times. I just want my carrier, my build is at a stand still right now because i have not received the carrier. Id add photos of trade items and conversations but idk how.

Gq91sammy, if i have to drive all the way down to San Antonio again just to pick up the carrier i will, just tell me what i need to do. if i need to pay for shipping fine just get back to me please. and i honestly would do business with him again, hes got tons of good stuff and good prices.

Thanks, Holden
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