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Originally Posted by gq91sammy View Post
The description of your parts to trade is about as good as the description of our transaction... I took back the lock right because your "set" of tires was now 3 tires.. A set is worth way more than 3 tires, specially when these tires are no longer available. Not to mention I ended up with 2. You wanted to keep the grinder to even out the trade. Which I agreed to.. I then later traded you a "set" of (four) 15x8 8 lug wheels with rock rings for your grinder..only cause you said you could use the wheels...
youre right, i did not mention the wheels for the grinder. but you also wanted to trade the wheels for the grinder because you were giving it to your father, it wouldnt have made a difference to me if i ended up with the grinder or wheels. Hopefully you realize that i gave you the best description of the stuff as i possibly could, and in no way did i know about the other tire or was trying to get the best of you. like i told you, they were on a trail only rig. I apoligize for my stuff not being as good as either of us thought (not being sarcastic at all). What would you like me to do? where are we at with the carrier? You helped me out cause i would not have been able to sell that stuff way out in Blanco and im thankful for that.
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