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Registering & New user Registration emails
If you have tried registering and not received your welcome email, check your spam \ junk \ trash folders in your email program. If you do not get your welcome email with 1 hr, email webmaster at texas4x4.org and include all your information. Upon verification your account will be activated manually. Your IP and your location has to match. This is setup to prevent spammers and bots. In other words, putting United States for your location will fail, As will having an IP from Houston and your location in Amarillo thank you Texas4x4.org

How to post a picture.
Read this thread. Posting Pictures if after reading this and trying the steps listed you find you still need assistance, make a post in the TEST section, a MOD or Admin will help you.

The Rules
#1 ---- Please Read The Following VERY Carefully. Take the minute, it's worth your time. Many people are saying "I didn't know that was a rule..." when they are CLEARLY laid out here.

#2 - This is a family site. Our wives, children and parents are on here as well. When posting, remember that, use appropriate language, common sense and behavior.

#2a - These forums are open for people of all ages, you are expected to follow these guidelines, this includes PM's or e-mails. If you can not communicate sensibly then you can not be trusted to use these forums and will be banned.

#2b - No Price Bashing. If somebody has a item listed and you disagree with the price and you just HAVE to say something, send them a PM. Don't post in their thread. The seller owns the parts, they know what they want for it, nobody says you have to buy it.

#3 - Cursing and profanity are a natural part of modern life, and it happens. Please refrain from doing it here in the forum. Forum Moderators may warn you if you are being too gratuitous or over-the-top. The judgement of what constitutes this will be left up to their discretion. Posts containing bad language will be edited or deleted at the moderators / admins discretion, if you continue to post threads containing bad language then all your posts will be moderated and will require approval before they are displayed.

#4 - No pornography in signatures / avatars / threads. This is an offroad site, not a dating site. We all appreciate good looking Women / Men. Tasteful pics of your GF / BF are fine.

#4a - No NWS - No 35% - This is a family site, I will not tolerate NWS or 35%. Lots of places on the net where you can see or post all the NWS you want, This site is not one of them

#5 - No Warez/Serials/Cracks/Hax0ring/Cheats/etc, including links.

#6 - Bumping of threads is allowed if the thread has been pushed to second page (using default view age), this rule applies especially for the "Classifieds" forum.

#7 - No "look at my eBay auction" posts or other auctions. eBay and other auction posts will be deleted.

#7b - Blue Star members may post eBay and or auction links in the classifieds.

#8 - No double or cross posting. Particularly in the For Sale forum. If you already have a post for the item you wish to sell bring it back to the top, dont start a new post.

#9 - Trolling - Don't do it. - Trolling defined: "Troll," in the context of message boards and the like, describes somebody who is posting just to be confrontational and \ or a nuisance. Trolling gets you banned! Fast! .

#10 - Name changes - User name changes will only be permitted to correct typographic errors, simplify long and/or complex names, avoid confusion with other user names, or in an emergency (i.e. cyberstalking, with detailed explanation.)

#11 - No Business Advertising unless you are an registered vendor. To register as a vendor, go to your usercp and choose paid subscriptions. Questions on Business advertising, send a PM to Rastus.

#12 - No Racial, Religious, or Political motivated posts will be tolerated. #13 - READ #1 again

These are subject to change at any time.

Board FAQ
Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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