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Edelbrock Carb Fuel Pressure and Delivery

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Edelbrock Carb Fuel Pressure and Delivery

Alright, I commented about this a while back also but here's my issues. I had a new fuel system 12 gallon RCI tank with an airtex electric fuel pump next to it pushing fuel to my new Edelbrock 1405 carburator. My truck seems to be flooding out and I am assuming that it's because of the airtex fuel pump which delivers 5.5-9 psi and I do not have a regulator on it. From what I hear is Edelbrocks don't like anything above 5.5 psi. Can anyone verify what psi they run on theirs. I am thinking about going with the simple regulator Mr. Gasket 9710 which dials in up to 6 psi. Will this work? Where do I install it, just in front of the carb or right after the elec. pump? I also noticed the truck had much much more throttle response when I had the fuel pump off and was letting it suck the remaining gas out of the hose so that's why i think i'm flooding it. Also gas mileage is HORRIBLE and I mean about 4-5 mpg when it should get around 8 just cruising. Sometimes it would spin over and when it finally started it would puff black smoke and act like it wanted to die for a second. By the way anyone know of other symptoms of too high of fuel pressure? I also have an issue with it not wanting to rev up while in gear, it gains up to 4,000 rpm and then it's like it hits a wall and won't go any higher, but it free rev's fine??? any recommendations are great!
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The manual said, set fuel regulator at 5.5 psi, that needs to be at wide open throttle..if it drops below 2psi at wide open throttle, the pump needs to be upgraded to a high flow low pressure pump that can maintain the optimal pressure ... but there is other adjustments or calibrations you can make to the carb for wide open throttle..you need to go on line and download the owners manual...might need to put another pump closer to the carb,and put a gauge in line between the reg and carb to get a true reading... L
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Lookin good man. I can't freakin wait to beat on that little thing.

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You could have a carb that is in a poor state of tune, but take things one step at a time.

First, verify your fuel pressure near the inlet of the carb. If it's higher than the recommended pressure, you should add a regulator to insure the correct pressure. That Mr. Gasket 9710 is a non-return style regulator, so it just needs to be inline somewhere between the pump and carb (I would suggest near the inlet of the carb).

Next, verify that your carb is tuned properly. If you haven't already, find a guide (online, perhaps) that tells you how. Once you know it's tuned well, verify that you're not dropping fuel pressure under WOT at high RPM.

That "wall" that you're hitting could be (among other things, including dropping fuel pressure) the lack of the secondaries from operating properly and you're running out of fuel with the primaries. Maybe you're running out of cam at that RPM (doubtful). What are the specs on your build? I doubt you're using more fuel than that fuel pump can deliver. Having it mounted near the tank and pushing fuel as you have it installed is optimum (pumps like to push fuel more than pull it). What size fuel lines are you using?

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