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This is my Dad's new ride, he got rid of the 2003 f-250 powerstroke since we kept having injector problems. It is a fully loaded since we didn't want leather they got the cloth seat. the motor is a 5.4L , it has 3.55LS gears, auto, don't know much more since i haven't really looked into it that hard yet. it is a true blue color but the pic make it look like wedge blue.

It will stay stock, the only thing i see him doing is putting bigger tires on and putting accessories on it. He got the extended 75000 miles warranty.
It is a really smooth ride, it is quite too so all the hype about it seems to be true. I was surprise really to see that my dad let me drive it when i got home, i thought he was going to have a cow when i told him i put it in 4x4 low on a dirt road to see if it work right. And yes it work just don't want to take it off road til he does!!

Also hear is a pic of his new boat, it is a 18' aluminum boat. it will get up and go that is for sure!!

Ok i guess i will admit it we are a Ford family more then a chevy family!!

But i will always have my camaro!!jamminzz jamminzz jamminzz
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