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awright need some help

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awright guys, wanting to do a backhalf on the toyota when i get the kings together and i'm wanting to get together some designs that would look really good.

i'm wanting to keep the cab and front end in stock form as of right now. just need a kickass backhalf design, will have two optima batts and a 16 gl. fuel cell back there and thats about it.

so all you guys that can draw lend me a hand pls and lets something drawn up lol....

i suck at designing things like this lol.
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what do you want to do with the back half? Flat bed it?
yeah flat bedding it i think.....i'm liking the way BRUTAL OFFROAD did that toyota they did.....something like that...
yeah that flat bed is really nice.......

i'm really liking the idea of a flatbed right now...

i saw this one and i'm really liking the way its done except i would like to do it in tubing instead

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that bed looks slick..... i like it
i've got a few ideas but i need to put them on paper. are wanting to cut the frame behind the cab and build a tube backhalf that ties into an exo for the front, with a link suspension, coilover mounts, etc?

i love these types of builds! :D
sounding good to me.....bigok jamminzz
What I want to do later on....

Rad in back, fan, AIR, etc

A Pathfinder, but good setup
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