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Blue creek was my stomping ground growing up but I hadnt been in about 2 years because several of my fav. trails had been shut down. I decided to go for the weekend because the kids enjoy it more than the canadian.I arrived late Fri. night (in the rain jamminzz ) and didnt take me but about 1 hour to find a worthy mudhole on my way to the "big-tree".

I expected my warn to save the day,but a selonoid left me taking the strap from a jeep 2finger . I spent the rest o the night trying to recover another jeep that got stranded going for help when I got stuck.The creek was about 4" deep & 2' wide when I got stuck,but a heavy rain upstream sent a wall of water 4' deep & as wide as the creek banks flowing our way.What a sight,I had never seen (or heard) such a event.By the time I got my truck out I had water going through the floorboards.Jeeps headlights were going under on every 'creek' crossing.... I had to wait till morning (when the water had gone down alot) to get the jeep out,he had managed to drive into a wet thicket of trees with no way out or back.So the good ol saw did most o the work.
Other than pulling out every ninconpoop that had a liberty or tahoe that thought they could play I spent alot of time pulling kids around on a innertube.Quality ******* fun at its best.
I met a dumas local everybit as much of a wheeler as I (finaly) He owns a modifyed Rubicon,but I met him with both his passenger trailing arms hanging & his tire stuffed into the wheelwell.....after driving backwards to camp!!Maby next time we can play a bit.....

All other pics here

Just so you know....we had two places to wheel up here,both rivers or creeks.
We STILL have two places to wheel legaly & free......just so you know the power of mass wheelers. Dont give up...texas rivers belong to texans dont let some treehugger politician tell you otherwise.send letters by the thousands & you Will get your rivers & streams back.

BTW.....I drove my rig 25mph to & fro......1hr15min. Its only 30 miles from my house,bout like driving a tractor,but it sure beat sitting at home looking at dot coms.

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Nice pics, I like the ones of you towing the kids on the tube toast
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