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diff in 7.3 and powerstroke

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i am looking at a 93 7.3 f250 and i was wondering what is the diffrence in 7.3l enging and the 7.3 powerstroke that came out a year later. is it just a new badge they put on it or is it a diffrent enging. and what to check 4 when i go look at it again. o yea its an auto aswell. thanks
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powerstroke has direct injector, regular 7.3 has indirect injector. i pefer the indirect.

if i am right the powerstroke is a stroked smaller block. while the 7.3 is a actual motor size.
I had a 7.3 with a Banks turbo in a crew truck I drove. The passenger side header(like a shorty) kept breaking at the flange.It would do this after any long overloaded trip.I guess it was the heat up/cool down cycle(& abuse).
I would guess that the issue was not the 7.3 but the Banks kit..

That truck would "run a hole in the wind" & I was a bit dissapointed when i drove my first powerstroke.(they are better now) The powerstroke seems to have less trouble starting in " hard core" winter conditions.
Look for a 94-up. The older ones are non turbo and are turds.:eek:
if it was me i would choose a 7.3L TURBO motor. it lasted 365000 miles before my uncles right foot blew it up!!
and it pulled what ever i threw at it. i just did everything to keep it up like change oil every 3000 miles and other filter every 3 oil changes. some time sooner depending on the enviroment. and make sure you fix the small stuff on the truck cause it could hurt the motor over time!!!
one of the guys my friend works with is selling his a 93 7.3 auto extended cab, long bed for 2k. i am told it is a really clean truck. i am going to try and look at it tomorrow. its got a ded battery but they were going to let me jump it and check it out. for that price i thought i would at least lookat it. dont got much cash for a new truck and my 300 6cyl dont like pulling that JIMMY.
Good luck jumping that thing off. Cody left the lights on one night and we had to let the batteries charge for 45 min. before it would start. Another time one of his batteries died and we couldnt get it to start at all, even with two vehicles hooked to it.
yea like 4x4freak said it is a betch to jump off those 7.3L!!! it requires 24volts to crank. so basically you have to 2 charged batteries!!! one truck might be enough if you charge the batteries with your alternator for a LONG time. the time that battery went bad it had to charge the other battery due to it being drained by the bad battery and the other one had to be replaced before we could jump it off.
My dad just bought a 94 7.3 turbo, non powerstroke and so far he is loving it, said the power is good for what he does(hotshot). He has sworn off Powerstrokes after a bad experience with a first gen. that left him on the road.

Hes even played with the thought of getting a Cummins next. This coming from an old man that swears by Ford.
Cody said:
it requires 24volts to crank.QUOTE]

what do you mean it takes 24volts to crank..as far as i know the only thing that runs above 12v is the injectors which are 115v...powered by the IDM...ive owned my 95psd for about 3 years now and dont regret a day of it..ive also owned a 92ford diesel..it was quick but with a load it would definately pull it down..there was a big difference between the two...i still have a 85 6.9 f250 that wont even compare to the power of my 95...im not trying to say which to buy, just trying to say that they are all good motors...with a few mods ive been told that the older 7.3, and 6.9's can keep up with the new direct injection diesels....id say both have advantages...newer ones are more expensinve to repair and older ones dont have the power like the latemodels.. look the truck over really well before buying...if there are hidden problems they can cost big bucks.. next id say post up on www.thedieselstop.com and get some pointers on what to look out for...as far as jumping it...most of the time i use a diesel to start another diesel...if you have access to a charged id throw it on there and along with it jumpstart it also.......
The batteries are run in parallel so they still only provide 12 volts, just a lot more amperage.
The best way to jump a diesel is with 2 trucks, one truck for each battery. So just make sure you have to sets of jummper cables. If it is a clean truck then 2k is not a bad price, there is always things you can do to hop them up.

like zach said i just said 24 volt to make it easier to understand.
as for power turbo is the way to go non turbo don't generate as much torque as the turbo does. and direct is hard to work on since the injector are inside the block. the indirect is on top by each runner.
cool thanks for the info :) i just found out it dose have a turbo. i am hopeing to look at it on thursday or friday. i really want a truck that dosent struggle with my blazer.
limey said:
cool thanks for the info :) i just found out it dose have a turbo. i am hopeing to look at it on thursday or friday. i really want a truck that dosent struggle with my blazer.
I say jump on it.....it will pull it at a safe speed. Just dont expect to see much of the passing lane
jump on it and see what it looks like. was it taken care of?? how many miles??
dont even let the miles bother you too bad...
the guy who owned my oil burner last said he "forgot" how many times the od had rolled over....the package was right ,it had been taken care of..and all I have done is change the oil & put in new glow plugs in the year i have drove it.(every day) if it has been taken care of,no worries bigok

if it has a new engine or tranny it would really be worth the money chrfal
i asked miles cause i like to see how high one gets.
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