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Electrical power issues

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Ok this has me stumped. On my 75 blazer, 3 weeks ago i drove it everything was fine. Friday i go to start it and nothing. No power, no clicking nada. I hook up a battery charger let it charge the battery over night. Still nada, I take the alternator out that i put in a year ago. It tested bad. Got a new one. Install it still nothing. While i was checking the wires for loose connection i found my main fuse 100amp that is on my fire wall was blown. I put a new one in turn the key and bam my volt gauge came up. Still would not start. Turn the key off and attempted to restart and nada volt gauge does not come up no clicking from starter nothing. The radio wont even come on. What could this possibly be? Would a bad started be causing all of this?
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Sounds like a battery but could be a starter. Have you tried the old bang on the side of the starter trick to see if it will even crank?
Yes I charged up the battery and it tested good. Ended up replacing the alternator. After I did that still nothing. I was checking the connections and found my fuse popped. Replaced it still nothing. So I got my test light. And as I was poking around my voltage camr ip after touching the positive cable on the starter. So I replaced the cable. Took forever to turn over but it finally did. Only ran for a couple minutes then died. It is now trying to kick ovet but it wont. Frustrating.
Defective electrical wiring in the home, broken appliances, damaged power lines, or lightning strikes are the usual causes. Electrical surges are frequent issues that only endure for a fraction of a second. Surges can harm equipment and shorten its lifespan if they happen frequently.
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