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Ft. Worth area shop?

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I started tearing down my CJ7 almost 15 years ago and it's still sitting in my shop unfinished. I have 90% of the parts to complete it. First off, I'm looking for a shop to mount my axels & suspension components to the frame. I have a narrow track Dana 44 front and an Early Bronco 9" rear. Will need to weld all the bracketry to the frame and to the axels. Also will need to purchase some necessary steering components. If I can just get it on it's feet, I can get on with the build. Thanks
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I can't tell you exactly, but have you addressed CarGurus? This company is specialized in selling and buying used cars. You can find CarGurus phone number here. As far as I know, it is possible to get parts there (but I can be wrong). At least, they know what dealerships you can address. In general, these guys are always ready to ask questions. Hope it helps.
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