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This is a 1955 Ford customline 2 dr post.

This will be my dad's hotrod. we still discussing the motor size he wants 289 or 302 i say 351W for the torque and high rev.

It is complete, has the original motor(272ci v8) with automatic in the column. the rearend is the only thing not original for it but we ain't going to reuse it either. it is all there but the driveshaft unless that is in the trunk.

Also the price for it was good too, just get it out of the guy's yard. so it was free. It is really solid so we decided to strip it and rebuild the suspension and upgrade the drivetrain. Keeping the body and interior original, but we want to put bucket seat and a concole in it since he is putting a 4 speed muncie in it.

So, if ya'll know of where i can get parts for this car let me know since in the near future we will be stripping this car and finding out what we need to get for it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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