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How to adjust carb??

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Ok guys, i have a eldebrock carb on my truck, the new motor is idiling rough and spratic, checked the timing its at 8 degree's so its not that, has to be the carb, so how do i adjust it to the optmuim settings, i know it deals with those 2 lil screw on the front.
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Truck Avenger.

You may have to change the accelerator pump nozzle to stop that bog and or the accelerator pump cam because they both could be the problem, call the Holley techs and they can most likely tell you what to order. I had to change both on mine, it is MUCH better but there are still some issues with mine, mostly because I have a 318 and the carb, according to Holley is just a little too much for any engine below 350 Cu.In. ACProKeith is running one on his 350 so you might ask how he has it set up. I keep hearing and seeing and reading good things about these carbs so that is the only reason I have not given up on mine yet.
To be honest right now I am running my Edelbrock #1406 for safety reasons till I get the TA doing perfect. Hope you get it going.
Also, concerning carb adjustments I was taught to use a vacuum gauge and adjust for highest vacuum and the best most stable idle speed. Both screws should be out the same # of turns from a lightly seated position. Start at maybe 1 turn out and go from there. Hope this helps some. One final thing is a check of the connections at the distributor? Cap, rotor etc??? Also is the distributor running true and not "wobbling" inside indicating a worn out distributor? Just some basics to check for the 1st post trouble.
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