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what do ya'll think of this hysteer kit for the toyota? i'll be getting this next week unless i find a better deal from someone......

getting the ifs box locally at a junk yard and will be putting all this one hopefully by not this upcoming wekkend but the next......
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I like it a lot. I first purchase high steer from 4x4labs that had the tie rod behind the axle and hated it. Went with marlins stuff and love it. And to boot marlin has awesome customer service. Even if i have problems late saturday night i can call and ask questions. Good stuff. If you want any pics just ask.
Forgot to mention, go with the fj80 rod ends and make sure they get you the jam nuts.
sweet man, sounds good

yeah get me some pics if you can....
Here is another option for you. http://www.ottindustries.com/steering_toyota.htm
Just Ordered Mine On Friday ... High Steer Here I Come :d
Sweeet! Mud-Dawg. Your really changing up the Toy! It's going to be an all around 4x4 by time you get done.
that is the kit i will probably get there Bruiser since i have already moved my axle forward 2" so......

and yes, that all around 4x4 is what i'm really going for, i'm more of a mudd finatic but the general idea of this toy is to make it so that i can wheel it all lol.....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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