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well for those that know about my job problems well I think they have come to a end for a little while anyways
I am no longer empolyeed at Martin Marietta materails. My boss and I have a different outlook on Caterpillar repair so I dicided that what I was giving up for the job (stacy,and freinds) wasn't worth it so I put in my two weeks and quit. I start at HOLT monday, Its 7-4 monday thur friday and when we get overtime its 6-5 and 6-noon on saturday which they are hammered right now.
I was a little wiered going back to Holt cause they laid me off in 2002 because of the 9/11 and other money problem. But sinces then they are blowing and going and I think this time it will be different I know my job isn't safe so I will work harder so that I don't end up on the block again

well like it or not I am back and will be at all the meeting and runs like before
and soon in my rock toy
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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