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I took the scout and the K10 to the dunes this weekend. The K10 did well pulling the scout once I resolved some issues I had about 30 mi. outside of town. I could tell that the engine had loosened up a bit by the time I got there. I didnt get to wheel it though because of a radiator leak.

This was the first time to have the scout in the sand since I did the drivetrain/susp. swap. I was pleased with the way it handled, it did awesome. Only problem I had was breaking a shock mount and mutilating the shock when I was being stupid. :evilbat:

My dad was having some carb problems on the jeep. For some reason I didnt get any pics of him, but I did get some video. I'm going to see about getting some of it posted.


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hell it looks like all of the pics has me in them!! i forgot to take pics i guess but i got everyone on the camcorder, so once he gets them loaded up there will be some cool jumps. not high but good for the high hill we was climbing to do those jumps with!!

I had a blast out there, as stated earlier, i like the way the scout handles now on the sand. it does great donuts!! :evilbat: once i got the hang of the hydro it steers pretty good. plus being out in that hot sun it did real good about not overheating, hopefully a tranny cooler will fix the overheating we have in the powersteering it was puking it up over time.
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