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to weld or not to weld,that is the question?

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Lincoln lock or not??

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Hey guys I'm looking for info and opinions. I have a Dana 60 front axle and a full floater to put in the rear and thinking about welding both of them locked. This truck is being upgraded from sometime 4x4 to all time trails,mudd and rocks and was wondering what are the down sides to welding the front. I have heard some say it makes it almost impossible to steer with the front locked in any manner. How hard is it? I had an ARB in the front of my 10 bolt many yrs. ago and wondering if welded, will it work the same as then? Does anyone make lower gears for a 14ff then 5.13's?
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RVreddog can tell you about welding the front. that's why he went to hydro assist steering.

Are you going to do Crossover steering setup as well?
I have all the stuff for cross over other then drag link and will use hydro assist soon
A welded front will make it very difficult to steer without some form of hydro setup. If you plan to put assist on it later on just leave it open until you do, then weld it up. Sometimes you can unlock a hub and turn easier, but I can't ever get mine ulocked when I need to. I have the factory spicer hubs, but a different design/brand may work better.
I put a full spool in the front of mine. It was welded at one time,I just like the peace of mind not worrying about breaking a weld. When it was welded even unlocking one hub didn`t help me. I ripped the stearing wheel cover off trying to turn in a tight spot. They now also make a spool for the rear. If I was changing the gears I would go ahead and lock it now,then just don`t lock your hubs till you need it.But get the hydro assist as soon as possible. Then with it locked you can stear with one finger!
So once I have the hydro, I won't have any steering problems? Sounds good to me. Guess I better get things lined up. Boy, the wife is going to love me now that I need to spend money on hydro and instead of Valentie's Day.......Let's see Hyrdo vs. Living in truck............ummmmmmmmm. That's a hard chioce, but thanks for the info.
Other then being a cheap locker, is there any benefit of welding over other lockers? Or con's?
Rastus said:
Originally Posted by mudgod

Originally Posted by mudgod
Being locked helps out a lot. Please tell me your joking about the Lincoln-lock? Thats OK for the front if you don't drive very fast in 4wd, but it would kill your back end.

Originally Posted by Rastus
How does a lincoln locker kill the rear end? I would weld the rear long before I welded the front.

Originally Posted by mudgod
I don't know :? This is me thinking out loud, OK? If you weld back and you are drive at HYW speeds, if those welds aren't balanced, looks like it would put a lot of extar stress on the barrons. That carrier would be spinning very fast at those speeds. The vibrations would wear everything sooner. If you weld the front you can still tear things up, but how often when you are 4wd are you going over 30 mph? Nobody has told me this nor have I read this anywhere. This is what I was thinking when I wrote what I wrote. I think if someone wanted to weld it, and it was not a DD, as in this case, they could get away with it untill they could buy a locker.

Originally Posted by Rastus
I see your point, I was looking at it from a driving and traction point. I've welded the rear in my Jeep and in my ole Truck drove both all over the place with no problems, other than the normal amount of wear \ stress a locker adds. the welds did break loose in the jeep tho and later caused the spiders to go south when I was climbing a lil rock 8)

locking, spool or welding the front makes it very hard to steer when your in 4WD, as does a spool unless you have a limited slip. Fix to that is hydro assist or full hydro steering. Rvreddog has a spool in his frt axle and has hydro assist. Bowtie has a detroit and hydro assist. I remember when RVreddog 1st welded his front he could not steer it hardly, that's when he went to assist, now it's a one finger turn even wedged in the rocks.

I think the carrier will be spinning at the same speed welded or not.

This is something me and Rastus talked about one night. I think one is more balanced than the other. My front is welded and I have a locker in the back.
i welded the rear in my red toyota and i have welded the rear in the toyota i have now and have yet to have any problems with either.....

my friend welded his front on his bronco with 35's and soon removed the carrier and put an open carrier back in till he can get hydro assist set back up. couldn't turn it all. even with unlocking one hub on one side or the other stilll couldn't hardly turn it......
Great info!

We've lincoln locked 12bolt rears before and they lasted fine behind BB's, but I can see how locking a front would cause a few steering issues.

Welded the front D44 in mine and with full hydro it is no problem turning it and with a D60 front you should not have the problem of breaking axleshafts. Lockers are just plain expensive and I want to put that money elsewhere. Mine is trail only, if it were to be used on the street it would have hydro assist and a locker up front for safety reasons is all.
if you are really worried about it breaking just plate in the carrier too and it would be just as strong as a spool.
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