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Well I have been down and out for three months now. Waiting on a new motor after breaking my crank shaft in a mudd hole. I know have a new used motor, and bought new shocks to go around and some other stuff to go on the old short box. But it is all sitting at home waiting on me to get back. I am stuck here in San Antonio for another three weeks and I am just rarin at the bit to get back home and get my baby running again. My wife called and rubbed it in that she has recieved all four of my boxes and they are just sitting there. So if any of you guys here in SA see this I am having withdrawals. I am here at Ft Sam Houston for Basic NonCommissioned Officer Course (BNCOC). We are just wasting time right now when I could be at home (Ft. Polk, La.) fixing my ride. Well i just need to vent real quick thanks for listening.
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