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misc stuff for sale

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misc stuff for sale pics & price added

I am going to put this here for 1 week then it goes to ebay.

Alpine amp SOLD

Custom sub box for 01-05 dodge quad cab (under seat) SOLD

Custom Sub box holds 2 jl w8o subs (not included) for 2002 frontier crew (behind seat) 75.00 obo

86 suzuki targa bar and spreader bars (great shape with light) 50.00 firm

79-85 Toyota steering damperner SOLD

4 black shock boots SOLD

79-85 toyota bumper and hitch 50.00 obo

86 zuki gas tank skid OEM 10.00 firm

Cobra 19 weather cb Peaked and Tuned SOLD

102" cased whip SOLD

2 Nissan Factory Speakers perfect shape 02 frontier fronts 25.00 firm

Sony surround sound system with 5 disk cd changer, remote, and 3 speakers (best of the best system NOT the package deal) 5.1 dds 175.00 for all firm

zuki roll bar with spreader bar and tabs for harness 75.00 firm

please email me at [email protected] if you have interest i may not check this thread very often.
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Custom Sub box holds 2 jl w8o subs for 2002 frontier crew (behind seat) 75.00 guaranteed to fit

it holds 2 jl subs, but does it include them?
sorry should have said that... no they are not included... i bought a new truck and got a custom box for them made so i dont need the old box anymore.
See updated pics above.
I definately want the antenna. I am headed out of town Friday morning, but will get with you the first of next week. Good reason to finally meet face to face.
sounds good to me. keep me updated.
SORRY for any confusion on parts but all of this stuff is on other boards too. all sales go to the person that gets me the money first.
also have a truck bed tent that fits 99 regular box ford rangers or nissan frontiers... 75 obo perfect shape.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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