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New Pic of engine!!

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most of ya'll know about the camaro already so i figured i would post a new pic of the engine!! it has been done awhile but i just never took pics of it.
here it is:

This week or next week i am finally getting the intake. but i got to pull the motor back out. forgot to put tranny fluid in the torque convertor. i was getting it together to ease the move but we haven't moved yet so i am pulling it and filling the convertor. then put the intake on!!

Yes i know the car needs to be cleaned but you would be dirty too if you collected 7 yrs of dust!!
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thumbup Looks nice Cody, what are the specs on your motor?
the block is standard bore and stroke.
the crankshaft is a scat crankshaft that has the counterweight shaved and lightening holes drilled in the rod shafts.
the rods are shot penned, and the piston is 4 valve relief flattop keith black pistons.
the cam is a 268 extreme energy cam.
heads are vortec heads that has been tapped for screwin studs and guide plates.
the valves has been modify to accept a higher lift(.550).
the pushrods are one piece manleys.
and the rocker arms are harlands sharp true rollers

The other stuff is stock stuff but been cleaned and painted lol.
Hopefully i will get around 450hp and 450lb/ft. but we have to wait and see til i get it running and on a dyno!!

Very nice detail, looks good! Specs look good.beer
thanks. i been working on this thing for a long time. the motor i know i have atleast spent 4 yrs with it!! but money is tight with going to school and all. If i wasn't so picky it would be done but i am cause i want it built the way i want it, the first time!!
Cool.... Let Zach put it in his truck to test it for ya 8)
that is a negative partner!!!
That's ok, I'm happy with my 454. :evilbat: 2finger
lookin good there....what are the stats on the camaro?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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