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What's up fellas. I recently moved to H town from El Paso. It's quite a change, the hardest part is accepting the fact that I can no longer drive my Jeep down the street to wheel. I wheeled with a club out there for several years (www.desertxlizard.com) and experienced some good wheeling. I was fortunate to have Las Cruces so close too, but anyways.....

I know several of the Midnight Fourwheelers are familiar with the club as well as some of the individual members. Off hand, I know we've interacted with River Rat, Almeraz and a couple others. I've personally never met the Midnight Fourwheelers, but have seen the rigs at Chile Challenge in the past years.

So since H town is my home now, I'll be looking to make some wheeling buddies. It's gonna be tough to get out as often, and from what I see, the closest thing to Houston is Spring Creek. I've got my Jeep in El Paso, but will be towing it back after Chile Challenge in February.

Since I've registered on this site and will be checking in on a regular basis, I wanted to introduce myself.

My rig: Nothing fancy

YJ, front Dana 44, Rear Ford 9" (Both Locked and geared 5.38's)
36" Iroks, Warn Winch, custom cage, and miscellaneous minor mods here and there.

It's a work in progress. It's stretched 3" now, but I'm looking to do a full stretch, somewhere in the neighborhood of 105-110 and run 40's.

Well anyways, I enjoy working on it and enjoy lending a hand. I'll be paying more attentions to the runs once my Jeep is here so I can tag along. In the meantime, I'm hanging out. Im available on weekends to hang out, work on something or tag along for a ride, so send me a PM if you got something going on.

I'm looking forward to wheeling what Texas has to offer, including Katemcy in May and hopefully Trees Ranch sometime in June/July.

Ok, enough about me...Till next time.


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post a pic of your Jeep....jamminzz

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