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Marshall University OHV Recreation course is online.
The fact that you can get a minor college degree in OHV Recreaton was groundbreaking enough when Marshall University in West Virginia first introduced the first of their four-course series in 2003. But now it will be available to thousands more students throughout the country by way of a new online course series this summer. This course, PLS450E/550E, Introduction to Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation, is a 12 week course that will begin May 16, 2005, and will end August 10, 2005.

The series of OHV courses was developed jointly by the Park Resources and Leisure Services program at Marshall University, the Nick J Rahall,II Appalachian Transportation Institute, and the NOHVCC.

No campus meetings are required. The course will be taught by Dr. Raymond L. Busbee, Professor of Park Resources and Leasure Services.

Registration begins April 4, 2005. See admission and enrollment info at www.marshall.edu/muonline
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