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Old Goat?

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How well does your Ford 8.8" hold-up? Have you beefed it up at all?
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It is a great axle. I will tell you this, my front axle is a Dana 44 w/ 4.56:1 gearing and has broken numerous axleshafts and the rear Ford 8.8 has lost none. My son built it and it used to be in his Bronco, he sold it to me. It has a locker in it and 4.56:1 gearing and I am running 38.5x14.5R15 TSL SX tires on it which are of course way too large but it hangs in there fine.
Going to dana 60 axles front and rear soon and most likely some 39.5 IROK or 42" IROK tires. The Dana 60's are geared at 5.86:1 ratio, the rear will have a welded carrier and the front MAY get a locker if money is available.
14 sf

With what you have inside that 14 sf axle it should live forever. I heard from Bruiser the 91, 92 and 93 model 1 ton Dodges had a desirable front Dana 60 in them. Bruiser found my Dana 60 front axle for me at a very good price. I am fabricating a lot of the parts, high steer arms, tie rod etc... myself so that is one reason it is taking so long to finish plus there is a car in my shop in the way lol, long story there. Anyway, as you engineer a plan for the front end keep us posted.
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