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San Antonio muddin

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this is just some pics of me and my buddys mike and daryl(Lifted78Chevy) havin some fun. its a place off 1604 and judson road.
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nice.....looked like ya'll had fun
Hey where is that place at? I live right off bulverde and 1604. It looks like a sweet romping pit. Please let me know
easy to get too....take 1604 to judson roads, go down judson road till you get close to the railroad tracks, before the tracks your'll see the power line, at the lines take a sharp right down a cement entrance, the trails and pits are all back in there, some crazy mud so you better have 35's or bigger and go with a buddy because u will get stuck, i did with my truck with 35x15 TSL/SX's, haven't been back since i put the 38's on..gotta get this new motor broke in before i go play again with my buddies.... have fun, wanna meet up with us one day give us a halla on here.
whenever ur ready, i got 38.5 boggers, with 1 ton axles. drop me an e-mail and me can do some wheeling. [email protected]
sounds good....but my buddy alex toasted something in his blazer.....when he puts it into 4 wheel drive it just grinds...i say its the t-case ..he says its the 10-bolt front...he was suppose to work on it today...so will find out...anyone got a 10 bolt or 208 t-case 4 sale??? he smoked one of the other....i say its the case....last time he went out he said 4 wheel drive just started grinding........week later checked t-case and was low on fluid...so he topped it off but i think damage was done....well find out...shoulden't be hard to fix....i hope.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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