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Ok guys i just put in a new 3 core radiator from o'reileys...stupid thing had a funked up lip where the cap goes on so it leaked a lil, i went threw 5 caps to try and stop the leaking...and it diden't cool as good as my old radiator....so out it went today...got my money back...went to adavance and bought a BIG 4 core radiator for a 79 454 chevy 3/4 ton truck....if this don't keep my hotrodded 350 cool....out it comes and in goes a 4 core aluminum radiator becouse i don't know what else to put in if this won't do the job.....i tested the system got all the air out...let the thermostate open up with truck idieling truck diden't go above 190....used to it 200-205....so i think it should do the trick....its got a 180 thermoste in it....plus this radiator is the same size thinkness as the one i pulled out...the o'reiley one was alot skinnier than my old one so im sure i got the problem fixed know....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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