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T18 throw out bearing identification/part numberhelp?

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Here is the issue ( long post warning with pics to help)

I pulled t15 today and set the trannys side by side everything matches..even the input..But the throw out bearings are different sizes....the inner diameter is way off...Ths size and the shape are completely different too... I went to vato zone and did a search through jtrucks, cherokees, and waggys...from various years ranging from 72-80...kept coming up with a 1505 part number for the t18 throw out bearing...but the part looked nothing like either of my bearings...I know i have a AMC t18 and not a ford..so I cant figure out the part number I need....Here are some pics if it helps...
Larger one is the t15

T15This is the issue right here...I was going to reuse the t15 bearing but it was way to big on the "spindle" in the t18 tranny:

T18 This is the part I cant find or identify

T15 in the back..t18 in the front.. Same bell housings, so both are from V8's

The clutch looks good and the smaller t18 bearing apears to fit ok

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Here is the part I someone off pirate found for me:

So I think I found what I needed...

Next Question:
Based on my pics of the pressure plate, does it look like this smaller throw out bearing will work?

I called a local tranny guy and he said some kits use the same pressure plates between kits, but put different throwout bearings in the kit for specific transmissions apllications...Does that sound right?
Does the smaller throw out bearing fit the t18 collar? If so then yeah I would think it would work. Does the bearing side of it match up to the pressure plate well?
Yeah, man..I finally got it to work...it was a beast for sure...I dont know the exact weight of a t18 but it was a HEAVY...

Basically I did alot of snooping around and found out the clutches for these 2 trannys is the same, the just put different bearings in there depending on your bearing retainer sizes...Anyways, Amarillo offroad had one, and NAPA could get it in 3 days...I also learned the bearings are pressed on to the collars, so if you have the collar, yu can just buy the timken bearing...This was all new to me and a mental/physical workout....bigok

Thanks for trying to shed some light on this one for me though!
Hello What is the throw out bearing part # fit the T18 ?
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