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This incident happened recently in North Texas . We need to be even
more careful everywhere. A woman went boating one Sunday, taking
with her some cans of coke which she put in the refrigerator of the boat.

On Monday she was taken into Intensive Care Unit and on Wednesday
she died. The autopsy revealed a certain Leptospirose caused by the
can of coke from which she had drunk, not using a glass. A test showed
that the can was infected by dried rat urine and hence the disease
Leptospirosis. Rat urine contains toxic and deathly substances. It is
highly recommended to wash thoroughly the upper part of soda cans
before drinking out of them as they have been stocked in warehouses
and transported straight to The shops without being cleaned. A study
at NYCU showed that the tops of soda cans are more contaminated
than public toilets i.e.. full of germs and bacteria. So wash them with
water before putting them to the mouth to avoid any kind of fatal

Check out this website for info on leptospirosis. I did. Wanted to see
if this was a hoax. It isn't.

http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dbmd/diseaseinfo/leptospirosis_g.htm#What is%

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It just don't seam right to have wash a beer can before drinking it. :)

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K5FreAK said:
just take them right out of the case and put them in the dish washer.
something tells me this is not the best way to clean the can tops..... :rolleyes:

thanks for the heads-up Fulltop
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