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vehicle modification legality?

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Thinking about narrowing the front end on my chevy and dovetailing the bed. What are the laws against this? This thing has to stay street legal but I want a better approach area.
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please post the pdf, i have never seen no blocks as a rule or the 80'' mudflap.popcornn
i guess im confused. so your saying my 03 dodge with aftermarket rims is illegal since my front tires are out past 80"?
Never had anyone say anything with my Dodge and the tires were around 86".

Curious to see the pdf as well. Would be good for all of us to be familiar with it.
only thing I see is you would need clearence lamps
duals are required to have mud flaps. 80" or more must have clearence lights
I say run what you brung. I'm 86" up front (dually D60).
BIGJIMMYROCK has more tube then blazer and he's driven his on the street................eh well a few years ago. lol
in a couple of years will all be trading them in for mopeds anywaybigok
What about brakes and steering?
Can you run pinion brakes and full hydro?
I've heard yes and no......
What can you get away with?
I would think pinion brakes would get way to hot on a street app.
you could with some good rotors and pads but I don't think it's a great idea.If you going to run it on the street is it going to be welded or spooled? the reason I ask is what is going to make sure both front tires are going to pull at the same time when your on the brakes?
if you run a open diff and hit a wet spot, the tire that's wet will lock up and the other will roll right on through. on top of that if you are welded or spooled it won't be any fun driving it on pavement.
You can run full hydro on the street but you must set it up for higher speeds than for offroad. you must set it up with the pump running at freeway speeds or it will dart on you easy.
Yes, it is permissible to alter automobiles in India, but only if they adhere to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988's guidelines for acceptable car modifications.
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