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Winch control

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Well, I lost the instruction sheet. On a Mile Maker 9K winch how much current does the hand control handle?? would a 20amp switch be able to handle it? I'm thinking of useing a 3 position switch on/off/on to operate it from the cab.
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A 20 amp switch is more than enough, you're only sending enough current to turn on the relay which will pass the heavy current to the winch motor.
see above, a 20 is safe, same winch as i have.
Great Guys, Thanks.
will it work w/ a 12000 mile marker winch?
can i use the toggle switch from the rear window control on k5?

It should work, it was only 14g. wire in mine. I just matched up colors and crimped on new connecters at the selenoid terminal. Now you can sit inside or walk around with a leash!!
i wired in cab controls for mine. i just did a search on google and there was all kinds of how to's on this. maybe that will help you.
I used starter switches for my in cab controls, I just wired them from the control box. I got them at from autozone about $8 apeace and the are sealed. They work great for in cab controls.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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