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bullet will become famous soon enoughbullet will become famous soon enough
Official Candidate info page 1 of 2

I was sent this on June 26 by Jack Slack. Nominations may still be made up to the minute of the vote.

Candidate Info and Bio’s July 28th 2007 Election


Tony Eeds aka Teeds aka Dad aka Grandpa is my sig line on the
various web sites I frequent. I am 56 years young and looking forward to many more sunrises. Native Texan ( fifth generation at least )

Born and raised in Fort Worth, I spent as much time as possible in
West Texas with my cousins. A lifelong outdoorsman, I achieve the
rank of Eagle Scout in 1965. Mountain climbing, technical rock
climbing, white water and quiet water canoeing and all forms of
bicycling have been pursuits of pleasure. OHVs have long played a
part of my life and I learned to drive in a 1949 Jeep on the dirt
roads surrounding Red River New Mexico. Motorcycling, road
bicycling and quiet water canoeing remain the sports that fill my
time, when not working.

Self employed and have been since I opened White Rock Studio in
1998. Prior to that I worked for a number of large architectural
firms in Dallas and am responsible for much of the bad traffic in
the metro areas of Texas. I am a registered Architect and Interior
Designer in Texas and focus my efforts on historic preservation and
economic redevelopment of the smaller rural communities about
Texas. I have projects spanning Texas from Mount Pleasant and
Silsbee in the east to Fort Stockton and Pecos in the west. These
projects keep me on the road many weeks of the month and I intend to
use the down time in the evenings to search out the OHV clubs in
Texas and put a face on TMTC.

I have served on the TMTC board for one year and served on the board
of the Texas Downtown Association for four years. Long active in
the local AIA chapter in Dallas, I chaired the Industry Liaison and
Bookstore Committees.

I have a son and daughter (twins) that are grown and my daughter
blessed me with a grandson that is now 6. He got his first
motorcycle (XR50) for Christmas and our goal this summer is to ride
without training wheels.

I am a moderator on DirtRider.Net, where I watch over the New Member
forum. I am a new moderator on TON as well for the new TMTC Member
forum there. I can be found hanging out on Adventure Rider and Two
Wheel Texans as well.

Bobby Beamer
Bob Beamer - Spring, TX (suburbs 30 miles north of Houston)
Born in Ft.Worth (1955) and raised in Houston (Madison High)
Got my motorcycle license (dual sports) in 1970 at age 15
I've owned dozens of bikes - dual sport and MX - over the years
Over 25 years working in prepress for commercial printing plants
Happily married (Marian) since 1988 with one adult child (Byron)

Charter TMTC member #5 - July, 1999
currently - TMTC Motorcycle User Group Rep

Texas Offroad Network
Founder / Project Manager

National OHV Conservation Council
NOHVCC - Senior Texas Rep

Tread Lightly! - Master Tread Trainer

Mike Green

I grew up in a town of 800 people in western Illinois, went to college
in Dubuque, Iowa, and now reside in Dallas, TX. I have been a
Professional Aircraft Dispatcher for American Airlines since 1987.

I started wheeling back in 1998 with a stock 1985 CJ7... and now I wheel
what is left after years of modifications. I have been fortunate to
wheel in many places such as Utah, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas,
Arizona, Mexico and Australia.

Over the years I have been involved in the SuperLift event at BMRA as a
trail leader and staff. I have helped organize many wheeling weekends
including an annual "Jim Parker Memorial/ new comer" run with Lone Star
Jeep Club. Regularly I become the appointed "trail leader" for club runs
and weekend gatherings of friends.

I have been a member in FWD-FWD, Lone Star Jeep Club, and TMTC. I also
own and run I found and put together Green
Acres off-road park in Clayton, OK and helped build Mr. Frieling's off- road park outside of Clayton. I have been featured in 3 major magazines
and made the cover of JP magazine in April 2004.

I will bring to the TMTC board a breath of fresh air and tremendous
passion. I truly enjoy welcoming new people to our sport, providing
positive off-road opportunities for people, and getting people
involved. TMTC is an organization that should work to provide off- roading opportunities and to take action to ensure those off-roading
opportunities will exist into the future. As a board member, my goal
would be to ensure good decisions are made to make this a reality.

Mike Green 4x4

2 ATV Positions are Available
Carroll Broussard
Started riding motorcycles and ATV’s in the early 70's.
Remembered when a lot of east Texas forestland was open to all off roaders. Now due to special interest groups that are not always just environmental most of the open forestland is closed.
Worked as a motorcycle and ATV mechanic for 4 years why in high school.
Raced motor cross, flat track, enduro, and drag racing.
Have been jeeping in Moab, Big Bend, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. I wish Texas could be as open as these states to off roaders.
Have owned over 30 motorcycles. Currently ride a Polaris 500 ATV, Yamaha Blaster, DRZ 400 Dual Sport, and a KX250. Used to go wheeling in my 87 Toyota 4 runner but it bit the dust after 300,000 miles. I am currently building up a 79 GMC 4 x 4 Pickup for pulling the toy box and mild off roading.

Served on the Board of director for SAFE an organization that worked with City, County, and State government on environmental issues. My successful goal was to give the average person a say on how industry and government regulations effect them.
Served 10 years on the Board of directors of GROPA Home Owners Association in various positions. My successful goal was to be able to solve problems within the membership in a manner that did not require lawsuits.

ATV riders have the hardest time of all off roaders finding places to ride. Because they can not be made street legal they do not enjoy the same freedoms that motorcycles and 4x4s have. ATV’s also sometime have a negative image that bands them from areas where other off roaders are permitted to ride. My main goal will be to help change the negative image of ATV riders and help open new riding areas for them. > I have past experience working with City, County, and State government and regulator agencies. I will use that experience to help keep > current riding area open and open up new areas when ever possible.
[email protected] 0r 830-629-9034.

Continued on post #2
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bullet will become famous soon enoughbullet will become famous soon enough
Official Candidate Bio info page 2 of 2

Continued from Post #1

Steve “Skinny” Seton
Chris Jester

Steve Seaton
* Age: 60
* Marital Status: Single
* Residence: Odessa, Texas
* Occupation: Piping & pressure vessel designer
* Current interests: Off-road motorcycles & sport touring
* Past interests: Caving , rock climbing, and 4WD off-roading
* I've lived in West Texas my entire life, with the exception of a 1 year stay in Oklahoma during my early teens.
* I started riding in 1960, raced flat track and TT Scrambles during the mid 60's, and I was active on the TSCEC circuit from 1974 thru 1978. I took up caving in 1980 and spent 10 years caving in the U. S. and Mexico, then moved on to rock climbing for about 3 years, became a couch potato in the mid 90's and returned to motorcycling in 2000.
* Since my return to dirt biking, it has become apparent that there are virtually no off-roading areas available in West Texas except for private leases. My reason for getting involved with the TMTC is to try and help establish some off-road riding opportunities in West Texas.
* I am not currently a member of any off-road or motorcycle organizations.

Chris Jester
Married 16 yrs. 3 kids (15, 9, . They all have interests outside of motorcycling.
Born / raised in NE Texas. Hometown is Atlanta, TX.
Worked construction as teenager then joined US Navy at 17. Lived in
Mexico / California upon discharge then moved back to Texas in
Sept 1991.
Started working in railcar repair shop for ACF in Oct 91. Progressed
from helper to Journeyman - Carman to Customer Service Mgr in 7 1/2yrs.
Left ACF for GE in 2/99. Held Regional Mgr - Field Service position
For last 8+ years. Responsible for quality, cost, regulatory and environmental compliance in south and west US and Mexico.
80% fluent in Spanish (speaking, reading, writing).

I deal with a very wide range of people / positions on daily basis. I
serve as middle-man in many customer / service provider situations to ensure all parties are satisfied. I'm a hands-on kinda guy who likes to lead from the front.

My experience with motorcycles began when I was 7 or 8. We didn't have
any money so I was always working and wheeling & dealing for stuff. I acquired an old Honda Trail 50 (I think). I was in love! We rode trails, pastures, anywhere we could get to basically. I never raced (formally). I had about 1/2 dozen bikes (CR's, XR's, RM) by the time I was 17. I married at age 21 and had 1st child shortly thereafter. My wife did not agree with me getting a motorcycle when we returned to
Texas. After 13 years she finally relented and allowed me to purchase a 2001 XR650R! I bought this bike with the intention of making a Baja worthy dual-sport. Well, I transformed my BRP and rode 3K+ miles that year. I wanted to ride more offroad so some friends informed me of BMRA. Once I rode Barnwell, I was hooked (again). After riding that beast of a bike at BMRA for so long, I decided to get something more appropriate...KTM 300EXC!!! I met Bud Hutchison at BMRA who introduced me to enduro racing. I have been following the TSCEC circuit this year. Not doing too bad with Bud as my mentor. Bud nominated me for MC Rep position. I have worked many volunteer hours with Tom Mitchell, Doc Pierson and John Harris at BMRA repairing, clearing and building MC trails. I think I would make a good MC rep because of my ability to listen to people and their concerns. I have the tenacity to seek out the answer if I don't know it. I want all user groups to be treated fairly and with equal representation. I want to learn how to help preserve / improve current OHV areas and help TMTC / BMRA meet it's goals.

Stacy Newman
Steve Smith
Stacy Newman
My name's Stacy Newman. I currently live in my hometown of Glen Rose, TX which is about an hour southwest of the metroplex. For a number of years, I previously lived and worked in Houston, TX. While working there I bought my first jeep in 2000 and became heavily involved in 4-wheeling within the first year. I joined Houston TX4WD, and then TMTC in 2002. Somewhere in there I joined Southern High Rollers 4 Wheel Drive Club (SHR), too. After joining Houston TX4WD, I helped out wherever possible and eventually ended up as their Vice President, where I remained until I left Houston for another job in 2006. Somewhere in those years of Houston service, I also joined the Board of Directors for Southern High Rollers in order to help guide that club where help was needed.

I became good friends with Shawn and Chris Pagan through SHR which then lead me to becoming more active with TMTC. In 2004 I was elected to the OHV Rep position on the TMTC board of directors. While on the TMTC BoD, I made sure to work with the TMTC membership as my main guide. I used phone calls, emails, and lots of web forum contacts in order to get opinions, thoughts, and directives from the membership across the state. I may not have always wanted exactly what the members wanted, but I held true to their wishes regardless. I told the TMTC BoD more than once that I was not on the Board of Directors to make friends, but to direct the TMTC as the membership wanted while also following the bylaws. This made me a lot of enemies on the TMTC Board, but I also got a lot of work accomplished. I was accused of being a trouble maker and stirring the pot more than once, however, the board was doing things the "correct" way while I was there.

In 2006, I was up for re-election. I knew what had went wrong in several places within TMTC and decided that I would run for Vice President in order to get on the Executive Committee. Then, just around election time, I had several life changing events happen at one time (wife quit her job, we had our first child, I got a new job, we moved across the state, infant had to have surgery, bought a house, started traveling for work more, etc...). Needless to say, I had little time to campaign and "gather my troops" so I lost the election.

Everything I have done whether working with State legislators, private park owners, landowners, clubs, organizations, charities, and TMTC Board of Directors, I have done with two things in mind. First being what the actual membership wanted (and even non-members because I feel that I represented them, too, in my position with TMTC), and secondly, being what was best for the future of the state of Texas in regards to improving and expanding offroad recreation.

I look forward to once again joining the TMTC Board of Directors. I feel that TMTC has lost out on many fronts but my main goals are to repair 2 of them. First is to get communication open with the membership. While on the board previously I fought tooth and nail to NOT cut the newsletter down from 4 issues a year to 2 issues, but I was defeated on that subject. Now a days the board can't seem to even get a single issue out to the membership and I think it has cost TMTC dearly. Secondly, I want TMTC to become that STATEWIDE organization instead of a local park based organization. The membership should be statewide, not just visitors of a TMTC park.

I hope to start steering this organization out of the murky waters its been in the past year or so.

Stacy Newman
[email protected]
817-301-8020 cell

Steve (Rocketman) Smith TMTC Candidate for re-election, at large position:
I was born in 1948, in Sheffield, England.
I have been married to Linda for 25 years.
I live in Round Rock Texas, just north of Austin.
I received my first motorcycle license in 1963 and have been riding ever since.
My dad rode, my kids ride, and my grandkids ride.
When my wife got a speeding ticket, she convinced the judge to allow her to take a motorcycle safety training course instead of defensive driving and got the ticket waived. That’s how she learned to ride.
One of the grandkids was riding in diapers before he was three years old. I hope to still be riding when I am wearing diapers.
I was invited to join the TMTC board last year to replace a member who was having health problems. I had joined crusade for the “Ozona” property and I guess I showed my face at one too many meetings and ended up getting “drafted”.
I am a past president of Austin Motorsports Association, AMSA, and have always believed that if you really want an OHV park in your area you really need to support all efforts to secure OHV parks all over the state. Over time, and with continued effort, there will be parks within easy reach of everyone.
I joined TMTC in 2001 and I have seen first hand how difficult it is to further the OHV cause.
Right now, TMTC is in a state of change. We are progressing from being an enthusiasts club to becoming a statewide champion of OHV development. It’s never been done before. We are creating the model as we go.
Our proposed law changes will allow us to change our IRS status and accept tax exempt donations. We will put the day to day operation of the individual OHV parks in the hands of the local user groups, where it needs to be.
I am a self employed General Contractor and I am able to devote the needed time and resources to the TMTC BOD.
As I gain more experience and knowledge of the TMTC, I will be prepared to move to the Executive Board to provide management continuity.
I am committed to seeing OHV parks available for our children and their children for years to come. If we don’t do it, who will? Your comments and questions are always welcome. My cell is 512 657-7678. My e-mail is: [email protected]
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Laurathebum will become famous soon enoughLaurathebum will become famous soon enough
Here's more on Bobby Beamers resume

My name is Bob Beamer. I'm a real Bobby, not a Robert >> Rob >> Robbie >> Bobby >> Bob. {;o)

I was born in Ft.Worth in May,1955. I am a bastard and I have papers from the state to prove it, so I have a legal right to act the way I do. Some days I'm full of wit, some days I'm full of it. Looks like this may be a good day for one or the other...

For those of you who don't know me, my well known motto is:

"Life is hard, man...but it's harder when you're stupid. Trust me...I'm an expert."

Hang around long enough and you'll surely see me attempt to disprove this theory again...and fail again...

Let's skip all my family history and my scandalous past, and jump up to the past ten years...that's a relatively safe zone with a minimum of wild weekends, indictments, or other embarassing handcuff moments. I have found that most of my worst times in life were the direct result of a combo of three things - drugs, alchohol, and a series of bad decisions....


As you probably already have noticed, I am a long winded writer....intentionally.

In my opinion, the use of email has not hindered the great human expression of thought through writing letters - as some scholars claim is happening - but is instead fostering more communication by letter than ever before.

Unfortunately, the need of some men to post brief one-line or two-line letters will mean the real essense of their thoughts - however great of thinkers they may have been - will be lost as their incoherent emails are discarded.

Using the guide of great men in American history, such as Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Franklin....I have this crazy idea that it is not the acts of men, as much as the LETTERS of men, that are what survives time, so I tend to be long winded and express every thought process as if you, my reader, were finding this email some years in the future and have no idea what the hell we were thinking when we did the foolish things we did back in this time.

As the unofficial TMTC Parlimentarian, I have archived every email ever sent to or from my computer...and every document ever attached to one of those emails.....although at this point, it will require someone to come in after my death and figure out how to filter out a historical record of the work we're doing here today.

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Laurathebum will become famous soon enoughLaurathebum will become famous soon enough
2nd 1/2 of Bobby's resume

How I got here....

I am TMTC member #5...and I'm on the corp charter as a founding Board member. I've served on the board - or as an advisor to the Board when term limits restricted me - since that first day when 32 of us purchased a family membership for $10. I am grateful to be allowed to do this work.

During the first year of the TMTC, we had quite alot of Board meetings and dialog...both formal and informal...and you can read the Board minutes to see our progress/hardships. Alot of hard work from dedicated people with vision.

Simultaneously, I was still working on the idea of developing a statewide ORV project online to unite the scattered clubs/riders in Texas. I realized that finding info about one club or another was incredibly difficult for the average I began work on developing a "Network".

1999 - MotoxMadness -

I created a website project to build a database/directory of all the MX tracks in Texas - in early 1999. It was called MotoxMadness...and an archive copy still exists on the TON server. It looks silly today, but back then, it was cutting edge.

I had correspondence with Andy Goldbloom and Kathryn Nichols at TPWD during 1999 about the need for a statewide database of info regarding ORV riding areas and local/regional ORV organizations. They directed me to contact other like-minded people working on a similar idea.

1999 - The TMTC is born -

I found Rhonda Treadaway (NOHVCC) and Leslie Ramirez (Fun Country 4x4) - who were working on the idea of building a multi-user-group coalition and invited me to be one of the speakers at a open-to-the-public meeting of various ORV activists and members of various user group clubs.

It was at that meeting in New Braunsfels in July'99 that the TMTC was created and I was asked to be on the Board of Directors as a Dirtbike guy. Over the months that followed, we developed the foundation for what we have today....even though it took us several years of experimentation and rethinking to develop the guidelines that evolved from those first table pounding sessions.

Ultimately, it took us several years to actually put down on paper - as Bylaws and SOPs - what we worked out during those sessions - finding compromises that serve each of the User Groups as equally and fairly as possible. We knew the future depended on us not just getting along, but actually building trust and working together as a coalition.

2000 - My connection with NOHVCC -

During 2000, Rhonda brought me in as her alternate State Rep for the NOHVCC (National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council) and I realized how much influence the NOHVCC has on the state level in working with various State Parks Depts.

Rhonda has since semi-retired and I am now the Senior NOHVCC State Rep. My associate State Rep is Carol Smith. As part of a long range expansion, I am waiting for word back for the NOHVCC Board regarding adding two other associate State Reps, Tony Eeds and Laura White.

To put it bluntly, the NOHVCC gives credentials and credibility to simple working class ORV activists who didn't have any credibility before. And that credibility opens doors that allow us to make a difference.

It is my involvement with the NOHVCC that helped me create one of my favorite quotes:

"The TPWD is alot like a castle with great walls. It does little good to gather your people outside and beat on the castle walls to get attention. What you need to do is get someone on the inside to open the door for you."

2000 - The Texas Offroad Network is born -

About a year after the TMTC was created, by the summer of 2000, I had mentally worked out the idea of using this new thing called the internet to develop a "network" that could provide "community message boards" like MotoxMadness had done, but on a grand statewide scale to include every local/regional club and ORV facility.

I presented the idea to the TMTC Board of Directors as a TMTC the foundation for what would become the TMTC web presence....and was turned down.

It's understandable why....but if it had gone the other way, the Texas Offroad Network would not exist today.

Instead, that huge online community resource would have been the public conduit into and out of the you see, I'm very aware of how important communication is.

Tread Lightly! gives us more credibility -

Through my work with the NOHVCC, I had the chance to be in the very first class of the new Tread Lightly! - Master Tread Trainer program. The TMTC maintains connections with Tread Lightly! and has permission to display their logo on our print material.

Frankly, I didn't apply myself to that work like I should have, and have since not renewed myself as a Master Trainer teaching other Tread Trainers....but at one point, the entire TMTC Board of Directors were Tread Trainers, which is a bragging point we still use to show our awareness to environmental concerns.

I think it would be wise for each new incoming class of TMTC Board members to take the TL! Tread Trainer course and be certified as Tread Trainers...if not for the experience and usefulness in dealing with others, then for the additional tagline, and sense of credibility, it can add to their email signature.


My personal stuff --

I currently live in the extreme suburbs north of Houston....for about 15 years, in an old subdivision in south Montgomery county that is now surrounded by the master planned community known as The Woodlands. After holding down over 35 steady jobs before I was 25 years old, I've worked in commercial printing plants, in the PrePress Dept, for over 25 years now...and currently commute 84 miles roundtrip to the west side of Houston.

I commute on the Houston freeways, there I in my car 15% of my conscious life....

I prefer to listen to classical music in my car (NPR/U of H or Rice Univ) and classical or movie soundtracks from Live 365 / iTunes at work (Imagine Radio). With all the teenagers finally gone from my house, the endless thumping of sub-bass HipHop no longer gives me anxiety attacks while working in my home office.

I work a 10-7 shift, so in the mornings, before work, I am learning how to trade stocks. Each trader creates rules for #1 rule is: "Any fool can make money in a bull market or when a stock is moving up. What makes a great trader is how quick you are to get out and how much you don't lose on the way back down!"


I live in a greenie paradise...and frankly, I don't know why everybody else doesn't....

As a grandfathered sub-division, we enjoy the amenities of The Woodlands without paying the Assoc. fees, so I'm staying right here. The Woodlands is beautiful, heavily wooded SE Texas, but with no neon signs or advertising allowed on the streets....and it has about 100 miles of hike/bike trails and many dozens of parks and small ponds. It's urban living without removing all the trees and atmosphere.

I've lived in Houston almost all my life and have alot of history here. I was a dirtbike bayou rider during the early 70's and spent alot of time running from the police. I was a 10th grade drop out from Madison High, so I can't claim a college degree, but I was considered a bright child, although I have always been an extreme risktaker. I am basically self taught and am still a dedicated lifelong learner.

I live about a half mile from Spring Creek - which divides Harris and Montgomery counties. As some of you know, Spring Creek was, and still is, one of the hot-spots for illegal trail riding by I've seen first hand how this issue has developed over the past ten years or so.

A couple of side notes --

During the 60's, the booming City of Houston allowed residents to submit names for new streets. If you're ever in SE Houston, be sure and look for Beamer Rd. As odd as it is, my wife (who is 8 years younger than me and has tolerated me through 18 years of marriage) went to Doby High, located on Beamer Rd.

I believe wind turbines are going to be the solution for Texas energy needs in the future. I would like to see the TMTC purchase properties to develop wind turbine farms...and make alot of money...and use those properties as ORV areas.

I believe eventually the public will wise up to the scam we call the big oil and auto corps....and come around to fact that we can drive 100% electric vehicles for average daily the equivalent of about $5 a tank...or less if we use wind turbines to produce the power, instead of boiling water to make electricity!

I look forward to the day when some genius builds the first 100% electric ATV that can go 100 miles on a single charge, runs like a slot car - 0-60 in 4 seconds and decelerates just as well, and is almost completely silent moving through woods. The US military will make sure each troop has one, with the appropriate firepower attached, and I'll make a small fortune on the stock!

That not-so-brief version of a brief should do as a starter course on who I am and what I've been up to. I look forward to working with all of you who are taking the plunge into this volunteer work on behalf of the ORV community. It's changed my life in good ways....I hope it does for you as well.

Best Regards,

Bobby Beamer
Spring, Tx.

281-636-9072 (cell)
[email protected]

Texas Offroad Network
Founder - Project Manager

National OHV Conservation Council
NOHVCC - Senior Texas Rep

Texas Motorized Trails Coalition
TMTC Board - Motorcycle User Group Rep
RTF Grant Program Advisor

Tread Lightly!
Master Tread Trainer

ATV Safety Institute
Former ASI Instructor
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Laurathebum will become famous soon enoughLaurathebum will become famous soon enough
Tony Eeds" <[email protected]>

Well, like Bobby, I was born in Fort Worth. I am a graduate of AHHS
and UTA, so my education is homegrown. A bit older than Bobby, I am
a 1951 vintage and have lived here in the metromess my entire life,
except when called away by the government to serve in the armed

My first 4x4 adventure was shortly after my 6 month birthday,
according to my parents. We went to Red River NM for the first
thirteen years of my life and some of my fondest memories were of
bobbing about the mountains in the Army surplus Jeep that lived at
the company cabin. In fact, that Jeep provided me my first driving
experiences, at the age of 12.

Growing up, I gravitated to motorcycles and can count that
experience at 27 years and counting. Dual Sports are my favorite
bikes at the moment, accounting for the majority of the 5000~7500
miles I ride each year, but I have two KTMs in the garage for single
track along side an XR650R, that is a desert sled.

Professionally, I am a self employed Architect and focus primarily
on historic preservation. In a past professional life, I worked for
large firms here in DFW and was responsible for a lot of the traffic
challenges we face today in the metromess. Now my work is focused
on the smaller cities and towns of Texas. At the present time I
have projects scattered from Silsbee in the southeast and Mt.
Pleasant in the northeast to Pecos and Fort Stockton on the west
side of the state. My job keeps me on the road about 50,000 miles a
year, and I am always looking for a smaller road to travel.

I have been a board member of TMTC for one year and just came off a
four year stint as a board member with the Texas Downtown
Association. I am active with both TDA and Preservation Texas in
educating our legislators as to the challenges small towns in Texas
face and look forward to being able to bring that knowledge,
experience, and contacts to bear on the unique problems facing OHV
use in Texas.

In that vein, I spoke to the City Managers of two cities and a
rancher with a 52 section ranch about OHV opportunities last week.
My day to day professional experience bring me into contact with
city and county officials every week. I can see building on those
strengths as well.

Other interests include being a moderator on DirtRider.Net, the
largest dirt bike site on the planet, if you believe the hype. I am
blessed to know motorcyclists across the state, the country and
globe, from that association and have already contacted club members
in Lubbock and Odessa about attending club meetings to raise
awareness and membership in TMTC.

I recently joined Bobby, Carol and Laura at the NOHVCC conference in
Charleston, WV, and attended Chris Real's sound class, as well as
the class on Tread Lightly!

Lastly, I recently completed the master plan for EDRA. All that is
left is the final formatting of the document, adding maps, drawings
and photos on my end. Steve Thompson is working on the last
chapter, Trail Construction, for the document. Stakeholder meetings
have not been scheduled as yet, but I assume they will be soon.
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Laurathebum will become famous soon enoughLaurathebum will become famous soon enough
Billy Thomas/Rubired
A little bio on me for those that might not know me.

Billy Thomas
wife, Tracie and son, Colt
We live in Red Oak, TX (just north of Waxahachie in Ellis County)

I have been a member since 9/15/01, member number 1394.

I am also a member of DFW-TX4WD. For DFW-TX4WD I have been on the
Board of Directors, Vice-President and currently on the Board of

I have made several general membership meetings and to two meetings
concerning EDRA, one of these was in Ozona and the other in Austin.
Both of these meetings were with my son, Colt who will be 6 years
old in July.

Reason for desire to be considered for a board position is the same
reason I gave when speaking for EDRA. I want my son and his kids to
have a place to go wheelin'.

I and my family enjoy wheelin' and enjoy making it a family affair.
I do think that most think that guys in big Jeeps, dirt bikes or
ATVs are just a bunch of drunk rednecks. I strongly disagree with
that stereotype.

I have been on ATVs and dirt bikes, but bleed Jeep when cut. I
started driving a Jeep when 9 years old. Current Jeeps include
mine: Rubi Red, '03 Rubicon, 5.5" longarm lift with 35s and a few
additional modifications, wife's: '07 Rubicon Unlimited named lil'

If you have questions about me, feel free to contact me at
[email protected]
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Laurathebum will become famous soon enoughLaurathebum will become famous soon enough
And posted by Jack Brinks on LSJC
Charles "Chuck" Wise will be running for the Secretary position. It's past time for some new blodd! He'll get my vote!

Charles F “Chuck” Wise

Chuck, who is originally from Pennsylvania, has been a resident of Houston for thirty-five years. He and wife Margaret, a native Texan, returned to Houston after leaving the U.S. Air Force where he served as an Electronic Warfare Officer assigned to Strategic Air Command’s 17th Bomb Wing, 34th Bomb Squadron (Heavy). He was a B-52 Combat Crew Member and left the Air Force as Captain.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Technology at the University of Houston, he joined Tenneco, Inc where he managed Tenneco’s Corporate Computer Center. After a move within Tenneco to Direct Computer Operations at Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, he returned to Houston as Director of Tenneco’s Houston Computer Center and later became Director of the Computer Center for Tennessee Gas Transmission Company. Chuck left Tenneco to accept positions as Director of Engineering and Computer Systems in other the Energy Sector organizations and finally joined Oracle Corporation where he was Director of Quality Management in Oracle Consulting Services Worldwide Operations. This consulting role rounded out a successful career in management, computer services and software/systems development, customer support and large project management with a world wide reach.

Chuck and Margaret celebrate their 40 year anniversary this year. They have three daughters who are married and raising their own families in Colorado Springs, Colorado as well as in Plano and in Mesquite Texas. The Wise family became involved in OHV as a result of riding with daughter Gayle who became the first jeep owner (Blue 95 YJ) in the family. Daughter Susan followed her sister’s lead and became a Jeep owner (White 00 TJ) in 2000. Chuck and Margaret’s Jeep (White 92 YJ) arrived in the family in 2005. Daughter Debra is Jeep shopping at this time. Their Jeeps have brought the family a common interest everyone enjoys.

A member of Southern High Rollers for about two years, Chuck is committed to bringing a contribution to the community by making himself available to fill the role of Secretary in the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition. He believes that by contributing to the ongoing success of the TMTC, he will be helping Texas provide all OHV enthusiasts in the state with an expanding set of venues and opportunities to enjoy their sport in a healthy family oriented environment


I hope the above is helpful in providing more insight into the experience and skills that I can bring to the TMTC and I want to thank everyone for their support. As you think about the future of TMTC I urge you to consider how I may be able to add value to the organization and help moving one of our greatest assets forward.

Best Regards,


Keep the shiny side up!

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